Sikend started in late 2003 with the current founding members Tom Price, and Mitchell Titterness. The sound was a fresh departure from the current metal scene. Hinting with traces of early Nu-Metal, while keeping the grinding heavy influences of older metal. Sikend gained a small following in the Seattle metal scene, due to show success. With the two like minded guitarists wanting to carve a name in the metal world for themselves, the band released a demo entitled "The Anger Inside" in 2004.

During the course of 2004 the band would see multiple line-up changes. Eventually the band would see the departure of all members but the founding guitarists by the end of 2005. Not seeing this as a setback, but rather an opportunity. Mitchell and Tom decided to use this as a starting point to create the sound that would cement the band in the metal world, and stake it's own claim in music.

In late 2005 the band called on longtime friend and drummer Bryce Stockton, formerly of Sevenpercent and Dumt. Bringing nearly 25 years of experience to the table, as well as an extensive knowledge in music. The music began to change and become more abrasive and "in your face". Utilizing pounding double bass with mathematically charged rhythms. Bryce took Sikend's sound to a new height, and a new heaviness. Tom and Mitch knew they had found their drummer.

Still needing a bassist and a vocalist, Sikend continued to audition candidates for both roles. In early 2006, they found a new member from a response on the internet. They auditioned Gary Farrington II. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Gary brought a well needed diversity to the music. With influences in Death Metal and Thrash, Gary pushed the guitars to more extensive chugs and grooves to match Bryce's impressive footwork, while adding slightly jazz and funk influenced bass lines. Surprisingly the sound became thicker and more focused.

Still needing a vocalist, Sikend continued to audition singers, but found no suitable candidates. That was until they had heard David Powell. David had a common ground with Gary, also hailing from Nashville. Coincidentally, the two had played in the same circles of bands, but had never met. On the very first night they saw what David could eventually bring every night on stage. A raw intensity and power that had not been seen since the long past days of Phil Anselmo. With the first song they saw the sheer fury and fire in David's vocals. With a background of Hardcore and Punk, David brought last piece of the puzzle into the picture. Sikend was now complete?...

Providing a ruthless stage show, and a complete assault on all senses, Sikend started to gain a following as well as a reputation. As 2006 ended Sikend had established themselves in the local metal scene as a force to be reckoned with. As 2007 rolled on, they had decided to take things a step further and become not only a force, but an out right act of natural destruction. They recruited friend and local legend Tony Sonic. A staple of the Seattle music scene and a accomplished musician, Sikend brought Tony in to add a layer to the already massive attack the music held. Using unique and textured samples and soundscapes, Tony brought a ambient, yet disturbing atmosphere to Sikend's edge.

With the line-up rounded out by their new arrivals, Sikend began to focus on writing new material. With songs that capture a crowd while maintaining a level of skill to the playing, Sikend had found their staple. After their first return show a rumor began to slowly spread amongst the old fans and other bands that Sikend was back, and better than ever. Since September of '06, Sikend has had a steady schedule of shows being one of the most highly anticipated bands in the Seattle area. Gaining a reputation for music heavier than their rivals on the scene, and a live show with such high energy that demands respect without compromising musical integrity. Sikend has started their conquest of world domination. Other bands should run and hide.

Recorded @ Studio 69

Death Metal
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